Frequently Asked Questions

Our highly trained inspectors will perform a 150+ point inspection of the vehicle. This includes a visual check of the body, brakes, cooling system, suspension, HVAC, tires, fluids, and the overall external appearance. The inspector will also take plenty of photographs of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The inspector will then proceed to scan the vehicle using the latest in vehicle diagnosis technology and look for any trouble codes. The inspector will also take the vehicle for a 5 mile test drive (if given permission to do so by the owner of the vehicle). .
You will recieve your pre-purchase inspection report via email. It will include a link to view the report online and to download and print the report..
Oour inspectors will perform the inspection at the location of the vehicle. Sometimes, they will have access to a lift and will request permission from the owner to utilize it. However, this is not always the case. If the location does not have a lift available or if the owner of the vehicle does not give permission for the inspector to utilize a lift, the inspector cannot put the car on a lift..
Yes. A pre-purchase inspection order can only be cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled inspection..
No. If the seller is not available or the vehicle cannot be inspected due to the owner not being present, we will not provide any refunds. The inspector will call before going to the vehicle to verify that the vehicle is still available. If the vehicle is not available for an inspection at the time the inspector will attempt to set up a new time..
No. We will not share your report with a third-party without your permission. You may request an electronic copy of your report to be sent to a third-party by contacting our customer service department directly..
The pre-purchase car inspection is not guaranteed because the vehicle is fully assembled for the inspection and the inspector cannot see the internal components of the vehicle, including the transmission or the engine. There is the possibility of impending failures that are not evident at the time of the inspection. In other words, if it is not failing at the time of the inspection, we will not know that it is failing. Therefore any pre-purchase car inspection cannot be guaranteed. .
We provide our value appraisal service using OnCall Value Calculator. Our calculator takes into account the current mileage of the vehicle, condition, demand and average market price. This is available free of charge on all inspection services ordered..